Looking forward to your EP release!
Pete, NYC, USA


I'll be watching your You Tube shows!!!
Dan, Texas, USA


Great songs Karl, can't wait to see you playing live

Emma, Nashville, USA


Love the  website and the songs

Anne, Nashville, Tenn, USA


Very much looking forward to seeing your online acoustic gigs

Rob, Penn State, USA


loving it

Jon, California, US


Great songs Karl and can't wait to see your live Facebook shows and buy your album when its released!
Dan, Minnesota, USA


Looking forward to seeing and hearing you playing on Facebook Live!
John, Texas, USA


Love all your songs Karl especially A Good Day To Be Alive!

Emma, Chicago, USA


Love the new website Karl and I can't wait to hear all the songs from your new album demo
Paul, Nashville, Tenn, USA


Loving the tunes Karl, will try to catch a show in the summer

Jake, Nashville, Tenn, USA


Just been checking out your songs, really like your music!

Jon, Texas, US


Top tracks Karl love them, Ocean meets the sky great song!!

Kacey Minnesota, USA


Love your music Karl Eland, like rocking country with awesome words, love the demo's

Jason, Boston


Love the songs I will make sure I get to one of your shows

Darren, Nashville Tennessee USA


Hi Karl, I really enjoyed your songs, great words and beat, loving the vibe

Melinda, Connecticut


Great sound, your an amazing songwriter, I really connect with your music

Josh, Nashville, USA


Kisses and hugs and smiles from New York City Karl!!!


Maria, NYC


Love the new website and music page ... great songs Karl xxx

Maria, Sweden xoxoxoxo


really liking your tunes Karl!

Steph, London UK x


Hey, are you doing a tour in the states this year? would love to meet you, your music is great too ;)

Martina, Oklahoma USA xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Love your songs Karl

Paula, Perth, Australia x


This guy is the new name in folk and, rock and country, love this music!!!

Josie, Penn State, USA


Big kiss from New Jersey! ggggrrrr xxxx

Racheal, The meadowlands NJ


Hey hot stuff, I love the new acoustic tracks!!!

Megan, California USA


amazing songs. Love the words, thanks for being a FB friend

Phoebe, Philadelphia, US


Hey where can I get your record Karl?

Julie Anne, Pennsylvania, USA x


love Where The Ocean Meets The Sky karl, beautiful song!

Kate, Florida, USA


I love the Princess song, what a great top feel good track, nice work Karl!

Veronica, Philadelphia, US


great songs Mr! Love em ?

Stacey, Quebec, Canada xxxxx


Are you playing in Canada this year Karl at all?

Jane, Quebec C


Just downloaded your tunes from I Tunes ... where do I get the other songs off the record?

Kathleen, New Jersey, USA xxx


wow what a refreshing change, good musc!!!

Rachel, Pittsburgh, USA xxxxx


Kisses and hugs from Florida, loving the vibe

Evelyn, Orlando, USA xo


Hey Karl I really like your music, love Falling Off The ... top track!

Michelle,Sydney Australia xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Nice, like the new website, very easy on the eye, ;)

Susannah, Birmingham, UK x


Hey Karl, I watched you in Camden the other day, loved your music, loved the track ‘Electric’, keep it up your really great!

Maria, Naples, student in UK from Italy xxxxxxx


Love your music pal!

Craig, Hammersmith, London


Hi there, I love your music Karl Eland, really inspiring!

Diana, NYC


Hey babe, love your music you sexy man, saw you at Camden Market!!!

Paula, West London


Karl you are amazing, love it!!!

Rachael, Birmingham UK


Saw you on Saturday mate, good one, loved your set, will come down again next week, your a legend!!!

Jason (An Australian lost in Camden Town)


Love you and your music Karl!

Love and kisses my sweet, Anna, Melbourne Australia xxxxx


greeeeeoooooouuuuuuuu... mmmmmiiiiiaaaaaoooouuuuuu

Isabelle, France xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Hi there Karl, just a quick message to tell you how much I like your music, your words man – they are awesome, would love to meet you one day in person!!!

Nicol, West Philadelphia USA


Wow Karl, I love this music, love Back In The Day - you remind me of early Bon Jovi, love it, will definitely download your tracks Karl!!!

Georgia, Liverpool UK


Hi Karl, I really genuinely love this music, great lyrics Karl!!

Keith, London


Mad for this music!!! Loving it

Chrissy, North London


Hi Karl,

Watched your set at Camden Lock on Saturday, you were brilliant, loved your songs and your voice is to die for!!!

Hillary, London UK


Hey Karl, dude, bro, awesome tracks!!!

Matt, Wisconsin USA


awwww ... Love your song Restless Heart!!!

Claudette, France xxx


I Love you Karl I'm smitten!!!

Mia, USA xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoooooooooooooooooooooo


I love your track ‘The Other Side’ - kicks ass!!! Love it

Donna, Manchester UK ;) xxxxxx


Love you Karl, love your music!

Debra, Brighton, UK x


Come to Canada, I order you!!!

Sandra, Vermont x


Hi there, remember me, I talked to you at Southbank, I'm back home now, checking out your tunes, your a star!!!

Gemma, Paris, France xxx


Hey Karl, you babe ;)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kelly, Wisconsin, USA


I love your music Karl!!!

Maria, Napoli, Italy xxx


Love your music!!!

Evelyn, Dublin, Ireland x


Hi there English rocker boy, your tracks have a real good beat to them, love your wordsas well, well done you!!!

Rachael, Philadelphia, USA


When are you gonna come and play for us in Canada, we are tired of waiting for you!!!

Sandra, Montreal, Canada


Hey Karl, loving your tracks, I adore Where The Ocean Meets The Sky, your amazing!!!

Monica NYC


Hi Karl, I’m gonna come down to Southbank on the Monday to watch you play for a while, looking forward to it ;) xxx

Francis, Hammersmith, London


Hi Karl, nice to meet you the other day, can’t wait to see you play again soon, your great, really nice to meet you

Jenny, Camden Town


Hi Karl,

Just a quick note to say I’ll be coming down to your gig in London next month, looking forward to it!

Ruth, London


Hey you, Love your songs, you are a beautiful person and writer of great songs xxxxxxxxxx

Stephanie, Philadelphia, USA


I’m gonna try and make your show at the Troubadour, love your music Karl! xxx

Tracey, South London


Just downloaded your song ‘Back in the Day’, loving it, cant wait to see you live one day!

Jen, NZ


Hey Karl, long time no hear, looks like your a big star now, with all these girls chasing after you, ahhh to be famous hey, how are you, not seen you since University, if your ever in Birmingham look me up, if your not too busy that is with all your new girl fans;)

Alice, Birmingham, UK


Hello Karl, heard your song 'Ocean Meets The Sky' on Radio Caroline, top song, love it, keep it up!

Sophie, Manchester, UK xxxxxxxxxx :)


Hi there, heard you on the radio, I love your music, great sound, and words, good luck

Tanya, Essex XXX


Hi Karl, long time no see, when you back in London then?

Lilly, London


Hi Karl, I heard your song played on Caroline, loved it, tracked you down, you are great!

Steph, Crewe, x


Hey Karl, loved your set at Southbank, you were fantastic!, Can't wait for the next one!

Mel, London xxx


Hi Karl, you are wonderful, love the tracks, great stuff! your my new addicition :)

Kaitlyn, New York City Girl (Born & Raised) XXX


Hi Karl, I love you, I love your music, I love your words!, me and you should go where the ocean meets the sky, anytime you want just let me know, I'm all yours;)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Adriana, Roma, Italy xxxxxxxx


Hi Karl, I saw your sing at the Library in Islington the other night, me and my friend were talking to you after, great set, loved your songs, let us know when your back in London :)

Jen x Alabama


Hi Pal, great songs on your website, great album, hope you get it out there soon!

Martin, Sheffield


Love your songs Karl!

Maria, Leeds x


Great tracks Karl Eland! I really like These Are The Days and Breathe

Stacey, Birmingham xx


Hey Karl, I can't wait for you to come back to London next year, we should meet up and go out, I'll show you the real Camden Town ;) x

Nicol, Camden, London x


Let us know where your playing in London, I'll come down and bring some mates,

Scott, Brixton, London


Hi Karl, would love to come down SouthBank London to watch you busk but probably won't make it all the way from Oz, take pictures and put them on your website!

Sandy, Melbourne, Oz

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